It’s a fair cop: New Scotland Yard, the former Met Police HQ in Victoria, will soon be a distant memory. Northacre, which specialises in developing fine heritage buildings, has sentenced the Sixties block to demolition.

At a launch dinner in Westminster’s Jewel Tower, Northacre detailed its plans for a new-build gem for the site, with the help of award-winning architects Squire and Partners.

The Broadway will have 285 stunning flats in six luxurious towers in a new street and landscaped gardens. Three of the towers will be named after three of the world’s finest diamonds: The Sancy, The Paragon and The Cullinan.

Surrounded by palaces and Parliament, with Westminster Abbeyas the local church, the price of even a one-bedroom flat starts from £1.56 million — so you might have to sell your diamonds to buy one.

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